How We Do It


What separates MEDIA644 from other graphic media firms? The answer is quite simple: we welcome each project collectively, as a team. The MEDIA644 methodology is based in a collective effort basis. We truly believe that this approach is what separates us from most graphic media firms. Each of us plays an important roll in the design and developing process, exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences that ultimately are a crucial factor in each of our designs. Together we count with over 10 years of experience, several awards and many distinctive attributes to back our efforts.

Our team will maintain a close relationship with each client during the duration of each project, ensuring them a personalized relationship that will stay close even after the project's completion. We will make ourselves available for any and all follow ups, and of course for any future projects. Media644 guarantees to exceed the clients expectations with personalized care from beginning to end of each project that truly displays exceptional costumer focus and brilliant design skills.

Media644 attains the concluding design by following the highly effective work process outlined below.


The very first step of the relationship with our client. We take this time to conduct a primary research to get to know the company, its goals, its competitors and its market (site target users). This will provide us with objective data that will serve as our stepping stone. Next, MEDIA644 will review the time frame and budget provided for the project to present the client with a project outline that explains our scope of work. 


We will utilize all the resources already available to review the company's philosophy and its current site and brand image, if available. We will identify the key elements that should be the main highlights of the project. Next, we will delve into competitors' sites to recognize their strengths and their flaws to easily come up with a differential solution for our client's project. At this point we will start brainstorming ideas that we can base our concept on.

Our creative team will put their imaginations to work and together will come up with a unique design concept that incorporates one or more design solution, depending on the project.

- Web Design
We will individualize each concept to answer to each of the client's needs, proposing a concept that will include branding and a site layout that incorporates graphic elements which will enhance the functionality of the site. Upon receiving approval we will move on to the developing and implementation phase.

- Graphic Design
After lots of brainstorming and sketching the old fashioned way, we will move into simple sketches and layouts using design software to show our client our ideas and different options.  Once we receive some feedback a final concept is presented. We very much encourage and embrace the client's thoughts on all proposed options, this will helps us to better come up with a final concept that will  encompass all the design elements that appeal to the client. 


After a series of tests and final reviews we finalize the project. We will monitor the analytics and will get feedback from the client to make any final changes or improvements as needed.  


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January 10, 2012