Flyers Rights Website

Flyers Rights
WebDesign & Development is the largest non-profit airline consumer organization in the United States, representing airline passengers. Its website is a main source where flyers from all across America can keep up with the latest news about legislations and airline passenger protections, and make donations to the organization. It also provides emergency contact information, airline toll-free numbers, flyers forums, an anonymous tip line as well as a flight tracking system.
MEDIA644 redesigned and developed their current website. After an evaluation of their previous site, MEDIA644 proposed a design that reflected the professionalism of the organization as was more visually appealing. As the organization has grown, their needs have too, and so they have asked us to reorganize and redevelop our original design, integrating more features and technologies to make the site as functional and user friendly as possible. We are currently in the design phase of the new and improved site.


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